About Us

Vision- Make everybody self-food sufficient, create awareness in education and quality health system for all.

Mission-Strengthen local poor women rights and opportunities for agriculture, education and health to take part in society, sustainability, livelihood and boost of economy. 


10 Allen Street, Freetown & Mansofinia, Mongo Highway, Falaba District

+23277992538, +23276692350


Lead Head- Lansana Kondeh, Programme Officer- Aiah Marrah, Senior Agriculture Officer-Abdulai Kondeh, Finance- Haja Fatmata Sheriff(Female), Field Supervisor- Umu Kondeh(Female), Project Assistant-Kumba Marah(Female), Project Assistant-Aminata Maturie(Female)…

Our legal status- In fulfillment of the statutory obligations by the Government of Sierra Leone, the Mansofinia Agric Farmers Organization is located at 10 Allen Street, Freetown and Mansofinia, Mongo Highway, Falaba District, is registered with the Ministry of Local Government through Freetown City Council and Falaba District Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Social Welfare, National Farmers Federation Sierra Leone and the Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organization (SLANGO).